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School Fund Contribution

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School Fund ContributionDear Parent/Guardian

As you will be aware, all schools in Northern Ireland are in challenging financial positions.  There is not enough money in the system and without an Executive, it is getting even harder to run our schools. We really need your support to help us operate at current levels and maintain the quality of education at Bangor Academy.

We ask for a small voluntary contribution to help support the range and quality of provision at Bangor Academy.  We are extremely grateful to the 85% of parents who supported the school last year by contributing a small amount which made a big difference to every student.  This money was used to provide subsidised trips and transport as well as to help with the new induction programmes, sporting activities and a range of resources.

We only ask for a one off payment to support every student and I would be grateful if you would consider making a voluntary contribution of between £10 and £50.  We welcome any contribution so if you wish to contribute a lower or higher amount that would be fine as well but if you are unable to make a contribution at this time, please do not worry. 

Contributions can be made through SIMS Agora or by sending in a cheque to your child’s form teacher made payable to ‘Bangor Academy.’

We are extremely grateful for all of the support we receive and we will only request this voluntary contribution on one occasion annually.

Thank you in advance for your support and please do not hesitate to contact me if you need any further information.

Yours sincerely

Matthew Pitts




Term and Holiday Dates 2018-2019

Please NOTE the following 2018-2019 calendar dates maybe subject to change, if so, amendments will be widely published. 

Autumn term
28th August 2018 - 21st  December 2018

  Pupil holiday Staff INSET - 25th - 26th October
  Half term break – 29th October to 2nd November
  Christmas holidays – 21st December to 4th January 2019

Spring term
7th January – 29th March 2019

  Pupil holiday Staff INSET - 3rd January 2019
  Open Nights - 21st and 22nd January
  Pupil finish at 12.30-pm – 21st January
  Pupil holiday – 22nd January
  Half term break – 18th February to 22nd February 
  Pupil holiday - 18th March 2019
  Easter holidays – 18th April to 29th April

Summer term
30th April - 28th June 2019 

  Bank holiday - 6th May
  Bank holiday - 27th May 

*These dates may be subject to change, if so, amendments will be widely published.