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Charity News: Thanks for your generosity!

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Charity News: Thanks for your generosity!In the last week of term we took part in three fundraising events for the Saphara India Trip, Epilepsy and PIPS (Suicide Awareness).

Whether the fund raising involved donning hard hats and a harness to abseil down The Europa on Sunday morning for Saphara (our ongoing campaign to raise the money to send pupils to India to teach English); channelling Jenny Joseph to wear purple at a coffee morning for Epilepsy Awareness or just ditching the uniform on the last day to contribute to the work of Suicide Awareness – everyone’s efforts were appreciated. 

The running totals are as follows:

Saphara raised £ 2174.08 from the abseil and £883 from Spring concert Ticket sales.

PIPS raised: £624.56

Epilepsy Awareness raised: £192

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