Bangor Academy and Sixth Form College

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Bangor Academy hosts Regional Digital Leaders Event

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Digital Leaders ProgrammePupils are the key to promoting on-line safety to their peers.

Bangor Academy welcomed schools from across Northern Ireland to the Regional Childnet Digital Leaders event.  The young people learned about on-line safety precautions and habits and then pitched their ideas on how best to promote these practices to their peers. 

One young Digital Leader said:  

"It's better to speak about something difficult with someone offline rather than online. Offline you can hear their tone of voice which can say a lot, more than just words." 

In teams the pupil delegates discussed a variety of potential situations and then deep-dived into learning about the process of reporting online. They learned what to do if anything upsets, distresses or confuses them. They then explored the variety of responses they might get from that report.  

Next it was planning for their pitch -  how to teach other young people about reporting inappropriate online content. They faced a fierce panel of "Piranha" judges. It was a rigorous selection process which resulted in a very high standard and made judging the winning group very difficult.  After much debate Yellow team were crowned winners! 

The whole experience for all involved has proved to very beneficial and one we all hope is the first of many!

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