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Retirees and leavers

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To our retirees and leavers, good luck in your new adventures To our retirees and leavers, good luck in your new adventures.

On behalf of everyone connected with our school I would like to thank Mrs Elliot (Office), Mrs Malcomson (Library), Mrs Barnes (6th Form Study Supervisor), Mrs Wylie (English), Mr Falls (Technology), Mr Walker (RE) and Miss McCurdy (Art) for all of their service to our community.  We all wish them a long and happy retirement and look forward to hearing about their next adventures!

Mrs D Irvine is leaving us to become the teacher of Music at Ballyholme Primary School.  This has been a lifetime ambition of hers.  Mrs Majury is leaving to become Head of Home Economics at Regent and Mrs Beckett is leaving to become Librarian/Sixth Form Supervisor at Lagan College.

I wish them all every success in their new schools.

Matthew Pitts