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Green Up - Power Down!

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Eco Bus VisitThis week is Power Down week when we up our efforts to reduce our power usage.

Bangor Academy's Eco-School Committee is encouraging all pupils and staff to support efforts over this week (and indeed into the future) by reducing daily energy usage in school and at home. This week is the selected week for Northern Ireland schools to take part and target energy use in school with Wednesday the 7th being Power Down Day.

Autumn leaves us greener at Bangor Academy

Our drive to achieve Eco School status has seen several eco-friendly activities this term. The idea isn't just to tick boxes and earn one off "green'' points, we want to effect real and sustainable change to wasteful habits. The truth is some of the best ideas can be the simplest! Recycling, recharging, reusing, reducing, rethinking! We can all do something different.

From meeting the Minister for the Environment to explore the future of caring for our Areas Of Outstanding Natural Beauty to collecting ink cartridges to planning for the big Power Down Day on November 9th to Walk to School Week; plans are afoot to change our impact on the environment for the better.

Power Down Day: Everyone can try this! Switch off lights, keep heat in, say no to standby, turn the thermostat down. We are just going to try it, see what really works. What is really achievable?

Meeting the Minister: In September Media Studies students met Alex Attwood (Minister for the Environment) at Crawfordsburn Country Park to discuss The MLA's vision for the future of Northern Ireland's areas of outstanding natural beauty. Along with pupils from Kilkeel High and Carrickfergus College, Louis and Hannah (Year 11) worked with other students to learn how to put a news report together to tackle environmental stories.Experts From the BBC and representatives from the RSPb shared their respective expertise to help our budding reporters shoot their green reports.

Recycling and waste reduction: New bins for old ink cartridges, more focused recycling of the thousands of plastic bottles ditched in school every day and really thinking about whether we really need to print documents is another rethinking strategy that can make a difference if everyone adopts them.

Cut out the car: This one is simple, put on a coat, leave a bit earlier and walk- if you can. It's simply not possible for everyone but some of us can and if it's a nice day why not? Maybe a car share is another option.  Look at what you do now, is there another more sustainable option?