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Taking Stock - The Risks and the Rewards of the Trading floor

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Bangor Academy Pupil TradersOur team of Year 11 GCSE Business Studies students came 6th out of 20 in the Stock Market Challenge at the University of Ulster this month.

Year 11 students; Adam, Scott, Stephen, Jamie and Dylan have been preparing in class for this test of their stock market knowledge and the preparation paid off. Whilst we didn’t come in top spot, we did fend off competition from the likes of Methody, BRA and Antrim Grammar.  Just like the high pressure environment of the real stock market, the teams played to win and the event was a highly competitive one.

 Playing the game as fund managers, our team had to decide what investments to make to increase the value of their portfolio. Over the course of five sessions they responded to media news reports and adapted their trading to make the best possible investments.  The boys needed to absorb, and analyse information accurately and quickly and communicate with each other effectively to ensure they made sound investment decisions.

The event was a fabulous opportunity to explore the risks and rewards of the stock market. Students had to show self-confidence, use their initiative and work co-operatively to assess and manage investment risk. Congratulations to Miss Weir and her band of talented traders!