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Pastoral Care

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At Bangor Academy, a Vice-Principal and a senior teacher have overall responsibility for Pastoral Care provision.  Each Key Stage has its own Head of School to oversee all pastoral matters. Within each year group, a Head of Year is supported by a Deputy, an Assistant and a team of Form Tutors who provide direct pupil support.

School provides a caring pastoral support structure for all pupils through year groups and form groups. Each pupil is placed in a form class and will have daily contact with his/her form tutor who will take on a caring and administration role. There are many others involved in helping your child as explained in the diagrams.

Pastoral Aims

This formal pastoral structure has been established to help the development of the pupil as a person as well as a learner. The need to help pupils manage their lives is recognised, in addition to helping them prepare for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.

School promotes individual pupil development and encourages all pupils to take full advantage of the many opportunities available both in the classroom and beyond in extra-curricular activities. The development of the ‘whole’ child is paramount whilst care and consideration for others through charity work is promoted.

Rewarding Success

The Towards Success Initiative, used in years 8 and 9, encourages, acknowledges and rewards pupils who give of their best in their school work and activities. The Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony also celebrates pupils' achievements.

Personal Development

All pupils follow a Personal, Social and Health Education programme  which promotes personal development. For example, healthy eating is encouraged through classroom work, liaison with the School Meals Service and the control of items available through the vending machines.

Pastoral Support

In order to offer the best pastoral support, we regularly review and update all our policies and bring this information to the attention of staff through appropriate training. These policies include: Child Protection, Positive Behaviour, Anti-bullying, Relationship and Sexuality Education, Drugs Education, Attendance and Punctuality.

In addition, staff training has been provided in areas of special need, such as the Special Education Needs and  Disability Order (SENDO), Individual Education Plans (IEPs), and other specific areas. 

Parent/Teacher consultations are offered to each year group on an annual basis but individual meetings may also be organised at either the request of the parent or the request of the school.