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In Bangor Academy and Sixth Form College we recognise every pupil’s right to receive his or her education free from humiliation, fear and abuse.  It is therefore the responsibility of all members of staff to play their part in creating an atmosphere, which is caring and protective.  Every member of staff in Bangor Academy and Sixth Form College has a vital role to play in assuring pupils and parents of our commitment to detecting and dealing with bullying in school.

“A pupil is being bullied, or picked on, when another pupil or group of pupils say nasty things to him or her. It is also bullying when a pupil is hit, kicked, threatened, locked inside a room, sent nasty notes or texts, abused in a social networking chat room and when no-one ever talks to them. It is also bullying when a pupil is teased repeatedly in a nasty way.

7. Bullying

These incidents can happen frequently and it is difficult for the pupil being bullied to defend himself or herself.

However if two pupils of equal power or strength have an occasional fight or quarrel, this is not bullying.” (from ‘Bullying’ an advisory pack devised by the Department of Education)

There are many definitions of bullying, but most have three things in common:

• it is deliberately hurtful behaviour
• it is repeated often over a period of time
• it is difficult for those being bullied to defend themselves.

Bullying can take many forms, but three types are:

• physical - hitting, kicking, taking belongings
• verbal - name-calling, insulting, racist or homophobic remarks
• indirect - spreading nasty stories about someone, excluding someone from social groups. Producing written material or photographs of a demeaning / false situation which causes embarrassment or hurt.

 Policy areas 

:-  Characteristics of Bullying Behaviour
:-  Guidelines for all staff to recognise bullying behaviour
:-  Teacher Behaviour
:-  Signs and Symptoms of Bullying Behaviour – The Victim
:-  Procedure for all staff
:-  Procedures for Year Team - Anti-Bullying Policy Procedures
:-  Guidelines for Parents and Guardians

Useful websites

:-  Northern Ireland Anti-Bullying Forum - End Bullying Now website, packed with helpful resources!
:-  Dealing with Bullying - Deparment of Education for Northern Ireland
:-  NI Direct - Dealing with Bullying 
:-  NI Direct - Bullying: getting support 
:-  Bullying - Education Support for Northern Ireland 

Anti-Bullying policy document (.pdf)

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