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Learning for Life and Work

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Vision: To provide an outstanding educational experience in Learning for Life and Work.


To develop pupils as individuals, contributors to society and as contributors to the economy and environment, by studying the three strands; Personal Development, Citizenship and Employability.
To provide a curriculum that is engaging and contextualises learning through the use of scenarios and current affair topics.
To help pupils develop the cross-curricular skills – literacy, numeracy and the use of ICT.
To help pupils develop the thinking skills and personal capabilities – working with others, problem solving, managing information, creativity and self-management.
To promote progression in learning throughout Key Stage 3 in order to establish a solid foundation for Key Stage 4.
To provide regular feedback on progress in assessment tasks. 

Staff:  Mrs E. Coulter (Head of Department),  Mrs L Hanvey, Mrs S. Hodges , Miss K Leitch, Mr G. Proctor, Ms S. Ruelland, Mrs R. McCartney, Mr R. Black, Mrs G. Murray, Mr. L Kirk, Miss S. McBride, Mrs L.Marcus, Mr. J McKee, Mr D. Ross, Ms V. Cameron, Mrs P.Huntley, Miss H Thompson, Miss S. Clarke, Miss S. Jamil, Mr S. Carse, Mr G. Agnew, Mr P. Arran.

Learning objectives:

Key stage 3:

Personal Development
To develop pupils’ self-concept and self-confidence, while developing their moral code and ability to make informed decisions for their social, physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual development.

To develop pupils’ understanding and tolerance of their own individuality and the diversity found in modern society. Pupils should be able to understand their role as a citizen of the family, school, community and world.  

To develop pupils’ knowledge of the local and global employment market to break down barriers to employment. Pupils should be able to research and make informed decisions about the pathways that they may choose in their fluid careers and how they can become life-long learners. 

Key stage 4: GCSE

Personal Development
To develop a deeper understanding of their own personal development and access and learn how to manage the challenges that they may face throughout life. 

To develop the knowledge, understanding and skills they need to participate positively and effectively in their communities and wider society, to influence democratic processes and make informed and responsible decisions as local and global citizens throughout their lives. 

To develop the personal qualities, skills, knowledge, understanding and attitudes that will give them a strong foundation for lifelong learning and work in a rapidly changing economic environment. 

There are two qualification options available to pupils at Key Stage 4. They are; GSCE Learning for Life and Work & a Statutory Requirement Course. 

Subject/Departmental pupil  achievements:
GCSE A*-C (2015) – 89%

Educational visits and trips:

Year 8:
Young Enterprise – Study Skills
Young Enterprise - Your School, Your Business

Year 9:
Young Enterprise –YE Nine

Year 10:
Equality Commission
Learn to Earn
Shahrp Project – Alcohol Awareness

Year 11:
Visit to Northern Ireland Assembly – Parliament Buildings, Stormont
Shahrp Project (2) – Alcohol Awareness
Study Skills Workshop

Year 12:
Love for Life –Building Positive Relationships Workshop
Young Enterprise – Personal Economics workshop

Year 13:
Success Skills 

Subject revision resources:
Revision Booklet – Personal Development, Citizenship, Employability